Thursday, February 5, 2009

freaking full

i had steam boat at my neighbour's house
full to the max
it's like i know i was alr full but the soup kept tempting me
so i drank and drank and my stomach was damn hard.

so much food k
anws, this morning i was on the train
i was listening to the radio when i heard a faint boom
i turn around 2 sec later and saw this guy lying on the chair and floor
like it was such an awkward position
he looks like he was having feats cuz he jerked a little
but after that he just lied that
then the train arrive at amk
two malay aunties walked in
auntie A: omg, someone is sleeping on he floor
auntie B: omg, really
auntie A: oh no, he fainted.
then they put their grocery bag down and lifted the guy up and apply some oil
i think though they are funny, they are nice ppl.
this is the second time i saw someone faint on the train
quite scary
ya then.....
i have alot of weird dreams
i dreamt that i kicked a butterfly by accident and it banged into a wall
then when it wanted to fly away, it couldnt
and it was making noises like 'ee, ee'
i felt so freaking guilty, you have no idea
why do i always have such weird dreams?
mum: maybe bcuz you're like that too.
zhen: *smack. ya thanks
and i dreamt that cats could talk and they were those ppl that died
and the cat actually resembles the person a little
oh talking bout cat
my neighbour has a cat, joe black
i wanted to touch him, but he was hissing like mad
but he was hilarious.
srsly, i think zen is so much smarter. LOL
my mum and eld bro still at my neighbour's house chit-chatting

omg crez awards is killing me k
why is it so freaking early this year man
ok it's quite late now.
i'll blog again either 2moro or during the weekends

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