Saturday, February 28, 2009


the only reason why i say that is the fact that you get to observe and meet interesting ppl.
making it more obviously, C.G'S!
lol lol
me and smit saw so many c.g today=]]
and two ppl came up to me and tell me 'if you're not going to ask ppl for donation, they wouldnt donate'
WTH, ok thanks for your advice but i do ask. just becuz i didnt ask you doesnt mean i dont ask the others

hate ppl who act smart, so good then come and do luh
there were ppl who ask for directions too.
and we got chased away by the security guard of vivo again
yknow, why cant they put a sign or something
it's so pissing off to get chased away. it's not our fault that we didnt know that we cant do it there.

alot asked what sch im from
this goes to show crescent isnt that well-known, considering our uni is that outstanding, oh wells. they seem to have a good impression of us too
i feel damn nice on flag days
like some ppl were smoking while donating and i have to pretend i dont mind the smoke just for charity
so nice right, 'like thanks for your money, and smoke'
i also noticed most of the C.G dont donate, just flash me a killer smile and walk away.
i made frens with the police officers too
they are different from security guards.
ya they start asking me what sch. [see what i mean]
sec what.. friendly ppl.
they look quite young too
oh and i kept on asking the same person to donate!
so stupid
cuz they walk at my area twice or even more times
and i forgot whether i saw them, i just ask
then i saw the sticker and realized i asked them alr
so pai seh.
i think there was this guy that donated twice to me and other times to smit or millie
cuz he had 4 stickers! LOL

ya it's really interesting to stand and observe ppl
like what they do to reject you
and who are kind and all.
many diff kind of ppl
yknow those that looks really fierce would smile at you if you smile at them
so dont judge a book by its cover =]
today was another great day~~!!

i wanna learn more more more dances.....
if only someone would sponsor me.
yknow if i joined UAN the previous time, i could have learn more dances and i get paid to learn them. but my mum... ugh.
oh wells, i'll learn them after my O'S
-lyrical hip hop is a must!
-maybe contemp
-and maybe pop n lock
we'll see

p.s: i feel like this post is dam bitchy. oops.

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