Tuesday, February 3, 2009

filming was spastic

we had the crez awards thingy for filming. me and melia felt damn under-dressed
and the talk thingy was so ghey
i swear im sure ppl will think im a bimbo in the videos.
srsly! but im not ..... dont listen to what others say. im not!!

some delayed photos that smit finally sent me. the day we went out on CNY

today sch was really short
it has been really really long since i went cycling
i should go cycling this weekend.
so many peeps birthdays are coming. OMG OMG OMG.
im so scared to become pokkai before end of year when it's my time to shop and parttayeeee
today, i 4got how to spell name. the first letter i wrote was a 'm'
melia 4got how to spell bring. she cancelled the word like 3 times.
and she wrote experiment as experience.
so i beat her in being less stupid. =]
i will always remember the story where she was talking to shermin on the phone and say: eh shermin, i think i lost my phone.

i think my only dumb moment which no one knows is i kept pressing my own level in the building when i wanna go down.
but i bet that happens to everyone k
i go into the lift in the morn. drowsy and all
i keep pressing 16 16 16 and it doesnt freaking light up
i was about to tell my dad when i went oh.
i bet you guys have such moments k.
ANWS!! when the voting thingy comes out. vote for 'HALO'!!
cuz ms vicky made it sound like 50% of the votes come from voting.
so our fate lies in your hands!!

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