Wednesday, February 18, 2009

CHINGAY PHOTOS [ im not done yet ]
it'll be odd if we didnt do something stupid
this is the pretty make-up artist!!!!!
with dance inspiration. or wadeva it is, i know all of them except one

my eye is still swollen=[
but i hope it's improving
and everyone is still coming to me and asking me what happen to your eye?
yknow, it's heart warming that ppl actually notices something wrong with my eye
but it gets somewhat annoying and sensitive after a while
like i know im ugly enough with the eye, so stop reminding me
whenever someone asks me what happen
i get reminded bout how rdiculous i look.
hopefully i can get the crez awards vid by toda huh kai min...
phys remedial was quite... erm, boring [ useless ]
and i have ss and chem test 2moro
ah ah ah.
my eyes are dry
i better go bathe
oh b4 that, i didnt see any c.g today=[
and keziah keeps telling everyone i see boy kuku bird that's why i have swollen eye! >=@ and keziah, though haicheng's face is improving, his voice is still kinda ghey, LOL.

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