Friday, February 6, 2009

BAI NIAN day 1 [DAMN belated post]

omg, im damn tired.
i think i'll just summarize this up really quickly.
sup, went to thin thin ah ma house in the morn
collected 3 ang bao packets and made our way to fat fat ah ma house
some ghey moment in the cab. there are more.

ok we finally reached
this year we had laksa for lunch
it's either laksa or prawn noodle every year
and my ah ma always give damn alot.
so i couldnt finish.
then they started playing black jack
i lost 6 bucks
how annoying
so i stopped playing and do my cross stictch
and fell asleep half way
of cuz i didnt poke myself=]
then after dont know how long
we went back to my thin thin ah ma hosue
and there were so many more ang baos to collect=]
adorable huh. he keeps drooling and drooling though.
ok im done
that's really summarized
my mum came home so i gtg
going for melia's lunch 2moro but cant make it for poooch
have family gathering
i sweat im not gonna play black jack. i'll freaking lose.
ya and im exceptionally tired today
oh i finally attended ballet lessons again today
no wonder

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