Saturday, February 21, 2009

and that's the peekture
i dont even know why i am smiling when i dread running. it must be the wind's fault
it blew my mouth and it looks like im smiling
im crapping
my hair! look! so bushy
and i would like to say that i was number 10 k. HAHA
of cuz in the fun run, not the competitive
im quite sure i'll get last or something in that race.
and amazingly, elvira and pei qi was in the same powerpoint slide as me!
and they are all my classmates this year
so coincidental=]

oh and i was thinking, they prolly chose this pic cuz i have my shirt tucked in. LOL
right right. tsk tsk, knew it
but i dont think i tucked it in, it's so hugging, it stays like that the whole time
this is why i never like wearing my house shirt. it is way small and i refuse to buy the new orange one which would prolly make me look like a junior.

im trying to upload the crez awards peekture. takes so long!

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