Tuesday, February 24, 2009

actually, that was a good shot of me. hehe

haha, im referring to my sec 2 pic. they actually got a shot of me that looks like im running and im smiling and my flying hair is visible so that it shows it's not a pose. im wow-ed

anws.. i was so urgent when i reached my mrt station today
but on the way back
i saw the black cat i always see and i went to touch it. and i forgot i need to pee.=]
and it recognizes me k
maybe my shoe only. it always sharpen it's nails with my shoe. and the sound it makes, sounds like zen.
it's slightly smaller than zen.
ok it's weird to call it 'THE BLACK CAT', let's just call it bobo
i like repetitive names. no idea why.
yeah, bo bo is my part time pet. sometimes i see it, sometimes i dont. i dont even know the sex of bobo yet. so cant use he or she.

OH OH OH!!! yknow my eye is swollen right.
my mum's right eye is swollen too!!! and i kept laughing at her cuz hers is worse than mine
zhen: HAHAHHAHA. do you wanna share medicine with me?
mum: of cuz!
zhen: did everyone ask you what happen to your eye?
mum: of cuz!
zhen: you finally know how it feels like to be me...
she looks like she just got box-ed or she never sleep properly
yay, someone to experience the pain with me
actually my pain is not that bad anymore
last week, i keep on receiving comments like ' what happen to your eye? '
this weel, i receive comments like ' it's getting better '=]
haha so happy, though i still receive the first comment, it is drastically lesser=]
i wanna watch slumdog millionaire!!!!!!!!!
but i heard it's NC16
supposedly, im 16 this year but ppl say must be after your birthday then is counted
wtf? not like my brain would mature overnight on my birthday right. makes no sense
but they also say it depends on the person
im watching with many ppl after cross country this fri. HOPEFULLY they allow...

AND SMIT! stop being anorexic!
mo, remember to take out your retainers b4 going down for recess and REMEMBER TO PUT THEM BACK ON. =]]]

and finally! my edited crez awards vid=]]]] hehe. from another angle. and it's more complete.

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