Saturday, January 3, 2009

you're just too there, too full.
i need raw and fresh. [ im not talking bout sashimi ]

i met so many cats recently!!
this is benkok! cuz the tail is broken. it means broken in malay i think. and i found out that he isnt pregnant or fat, he is muscular. cuz he is an american domestic cat. so huge!
ah ma [lynn] gave the sec 3 dancers on combined prac day. how sweet! i love the packaging
oh arent handicapped buses supposed to be easier to balance on?
i find myself having more difficulty trying to balance! they should do something bout it.
and let me talk bout today
cut it short at the front. time was pushed back twice, jocelyn was late for 30mins so i didnt get to have lunch and str went to P.A
not the dance or anything, i felt terrible today.
it was so hot and tiring and painful
i slept for about 1 min. better than nth.
we had to wear the boots today.
it is high, make my calf cramp
and i developed blisters where my socks had hole. HAHA.
i just sat down whenever i can. felt like forever then. can die
and some ppl had to eat ice cream in front of us. >=@
and this cat!
my ah ma house have alot of cats!
that'll be one good thing to look forward too
but she hates cats, my ah gong too
my ah gong did something very evil to a cat b4...
well, my bro found this cat at that lift!!
so adorably small!
just like zen when he first came in. except zen was smaller
we kinda realize the nails are clipped, which meant that this cat belonged to someone
so we brought it back to where it was, there was this other bigger cat at the stairs. so we put this small cat down and the big cat started smelling it like it knew the small cat.
then 4 malay boys came out of the lift and amazingly, the cats belonged to them.
there goes 'our' cat....
i hate hw. but i need to learn to love them.
im still in a playing mode

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