Sunday, January 11, 2009

we're like exhibits. snap snap snap and away!

i had chingay full dress yesterday
our make up was cool though everyone's was different
i like winnie's make up, alot of colours.
the best was they put fake lashes too.
i wanna join a make up school. so cool
the youngest make up trainee that helped us put is my age! like wow
oh plus they put a whole lot of foundation
you can feel it piling up.
it totally make my pimple bigger after i took it off
i've finally got the photos of the costume.
you'll see later.
i dread bun up hair
cuz it'll expose my fat face.
but anws, all the other ballet seniors, juniors and frens look so pretty yesterday after the make-up.
oh ya i 4got bout cca day.
it was fun i guess....
but totally impromtu
ok it was bad for us. and i didnt get any souvenier at all. =[
and xiu! don worry bout that incident! cheer up=]
after cca day, went for lunch with shermin. oh ya, talking bout that, i need to go check her blog.
after lunch, went to P.A.

so ya that was the b4 part.
the after part was bla bla...
b4 the real rehearsal, there were alr a few photographers snapping away
snap snap snap they go.
and during the rehearsal, wow, you cant even imagine. and of cuz, we expect more during the preview and actual day
i should bring my mum along next time

anws, photos

our head gear
our costume! i know, looks heavy right, well, IT IS. it's like something pulling my waist down
bad tan lines...
i want a camera. any rich ppl out there would like to sponsor me?
see,i need a camera. cant even see the colours. there are suppose to be orange and green.
i got home around the time i usually get home.
ok it's lunch time

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