Friday, January 23, 2009

shit it.

i hate it when this happens
i finished blogging nicely yknow! but i pressed the freaking wrong button, and everything's gone.
damn damn damn


and i'll prolly leave out some details. stupid asshole blog
i'll just leave you with the dance gathering pictures
oh no! i should have posted this peekture with the 'im feeling all superhuman' headings yesterday. -_-

jou teng, sharon [ gao mei ], shermin [ squerm/ sherm/ sperm ], me [ seet/ seeto-baba/ seeto / and more ]
sec 4s and rax/rex. amelia's neighbour's dog. HAHA. weird huh. but the dog isso freaking huggable! i wish i had a golden retriever when im a toddler, i can ride it. lol. ok maybe not a golden retriver, something bigger.
ok. rax/rex is loved. haha
and im feeling not that pissed at the blog thing anymore
blog later

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