Thursday, January 8, 2009

pulling a long face

i went to sch today with a damn neat hair style! yay me
but i had to do a banana dance in front of the class with smit today.
but ya, i think my period's coming. i have pms today
oh and chingay last night was not as bad as the afternoon training.
though i got home ALONE around 12am. ppl pangsehed me.
ok well, i love the corset! made us seem like we have 'really good figure'
illusion only though
the head gear was like a wind capture. and our skirt was super heavy. running just 10m in that costume can make you a lil breathless. oh plus the corset is kinda tight fitting, harder to breathe.
anws, i was in a bad mood just now... but after bathing, i've washed away the bad mood
and i know i look super unfriendly when i dont smile but i prefer not smiling.
eh! omg, my head suddenly start spinning = i have to sleep

p.s: thank you xiu for making me happy. i think you are the kindest soul i've ever met.
it's weird cuz im not exactly that kind of close to you but at the same time, i am very close to you. lol! i remember all the sweetest things you've done for me. i appreciate them alot.

oh b4 i go off, there was chinese dance today
me and glenda have the same feeling towards it. but cant say. lol
and today's dance wasnt pleasant.

i HATE it when someone asks me to relax.

i wasnt even angry in the first place. you mean there's a rule of 'you cant share your own opinion' in this world? so speaking my mind means im agitated?

it's like everyone has their rights to speak their mind. just because ueiuwrw is noehjd, doesnt mean that ioejroij is aeiorj. get it?

nvm. i just got pissed when someone asks me to relax. so from being unpissed, i became pissed.

so pms-like symptom actually. so ya... oh shit! shermin forgot to pass me. dam it..

and ya, smit was really vulgar today, she influenced me and i kept calling glenda names. haha. it's so hard not to tease her. really.

my lips are cracking like crazy. so dry and hard and pain. my mum says i need more sleep. i think i need it too. my eye bags are horrendous.

sometimes i feel like i dont belong.

just cant match, just cant click

like im there and im not

i think i suck.

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