Tuesday, January 13, 2009

it's the pineapple's fault.

i swear eating pineapple during your period is the same as drinking cold water except the effect is much stronger.
stupid, im never gonna eat pineapple when i have my period ever again. unless i rally crave for it.

if only i had such beautiful eyelashes. those are fake duh, my real ones are like short and empty.=[[[

i came home and got a shock when i bang into this thing
it used to be on the ground at the fan but i saw it suspending
i thought it was a ghost or something!
till i saw the string hanging it. eh i want those beds that we use when we were young. yknow those bouncy bouncy suspending things. wadeva it is, i miss it.
my new poster! me and smit's photocopied hand. =]
today, i got home earlier than usual!
and i managed to mop floor for my mum and blog
yesterday was just way late.
and we had this chi writing course today. wth
every tue! and we have chi test EVERY MON!
sec 4 life is really damn hectic.
quite a few things to juggle.
oh and finally went home with hui ping today
she didnt really talk much bout sick things but i learnt something new
cuz her brother is in the same class as mine, he say that my brother likes to crack lame joke.
i never knew that! oh wait, come to think bout it, he actually does. but not very oftenly.
anyhow, he is having a fever now. aww
oh and i stepped on someone's foot in the train today
HAHA. hope she doesnt go and complain to the sch that crescentian has a lack of balance.
and i need to get my CNY clothings soon.
im prolly only gonna get it on the 24th which is 2 days away.
so pack so pack so pack.

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