Thursday, January 22, 2009

im feeling all superhuman. [ my new 'tatoo' on my hand ]

tatoo = doodling
yong hwee says sick jokes gives you more friends.
oh btw, this is the coolest thing ever
cuz someone left my class last year so my register number dropped from 27 to 26 and yong hwee is exactly the same! someone left his class and his register number dropped from 27 to 26.
i think that's crazy.=]

oh anws, but its partially true to the sick jokes theory!
however, not everyone has that gift. muhaha
anws, dance almost kill us today
the costume thingy was terrible but luckily we manage to find the costume if not we just all fall into depression. im jk.
OH AND I SAW MY EYE-CANDY TODAY. still as pretty
oh shit, i should sleep early. if not my dad would nag the next morning that i cannot wake up cuz i never set alarm or wadeva but point is, i set it, but he woke me up a min earlier so it didnt ring.

ok another lyrical hip hop vid. ride for you - danity kane.

my horoscope says that:
You're wise enough to know -- if someone seems too good to be true, it probably is.

im dont want it to be too good to be true=[[[

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