Monday, January 19, 2009

i found a new eye-candy!

she is so pretty and when she smiles... just so cute. xiu knows=]] hhehe.

oh anws, i've bought my cny clothings
i dont think it is extremely nice cuz it's all last min and i go 'ok luh ok luh'
but still, it is.. haha
i think i was the person who used the changing room the longest but i swear the room is freaking small.
i have chingay prac this wed, AGAIN!
GAH. >=[
ppl, im dancing the lion head for cny. believe it or not, i am that strong.. haha.
and xiu is my wonderful partner!! i love you xiu mama.
oh the song 'nobody' has kinda officially became the sec 4 dance. so cool huh!
we shall go join crez awards with that dance. LOL

oh my dad pronouce liverpool as livertool yesterday
and he has been pronoucing chelsea as selseas for his entire life, i swear.
oh and liverpool has a match at 4am today
i hope my sleep wouldnt get interrupted.
if you didnt know, my bro is a liverpool fan.
k, enough of soccer. bye

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