Thursday, January 29, 2009

i cant stand people who can make it/do it but refuse to do it and make up some excuse

so annoying
for example, my dad.
i asked him to pick me up yesterday from bishan mrt and it was alr 11 plus pm
and i lost my wallet yesterday
yes and it's still gone. not like i found it yet
and he starts complaining
i shall not use the word whining cuz that word and him doesnt go together
then today i asked him to fetch me from sembawang mrt he gave me some excuse that he just got home bla
he is just plain lazy
i know i am lazy too and bla but my bag is really heavy
idk but i always think that others are so lucky, their parents will fetch them and wont complain so much. but my dad just goes on with how troublesome it is and pls, just admit you're lazy.

ya and some ppl [ not my dad ] likes to make some excuse to miss stuff
like i cant make it too obvious.
thought you're ___, you still need to ______. even the ____ complains. so ya, you need to do some serious reflection. we've talked so many times but it doesnt seem to get inside. hmmm.
so ya rules are rules
i bet you dont even know a crap im saying

OH OH! i watched dont forget the lyrics today, i like the guy's voice
very nice. though i think if he lose some tummy fats, he'll look good. LOL
ya he sings really nice. im charmed by his singing=]]]

i promise to blog bout bai nian day 1 soon...
and chingay
2moro's the preview=]]]
and sat's the actual

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