Sunday, January 25, 2009


oh it's 12.34 now. cool
ok random
anws, went to my thin thin ah ma house for reunion dinner today
but b4 that
once again, spent the whole day cleaning up my room
and let's see
cuz we needed to change bedsheet and bed linen and mop the floor under the bed, we lifted up the bed and stripped the bed bare
let's see what we've found:
1) pimple cream
2) expired face cleanser
3) birthday card
4) crossstitch
5) crossstitch's needle. [ yeah i found them seperately ]
6) poncho
7) 3 door stoppers [ wth.. then i kept buying ]
8) white board marker. [ ya i know-_- ]
9) dust. [ duh ]
10) dirt [ duh duh ]
11) marble
12) disgusting dusty wrist band
13) BUGS: 2 silver fish, bed bugs look-alike, anything that moves is included
number 13 is the worst
it was damn gross
cuz after watching some documentary bout blood suckers insects
i was extremely grossed out
i made my lil bro kill anything that is moving on the ground and bed
and i did a thorough vacumn sucking on my bed.
i just suck everything away
so disgusting luh. eew eew.
i didnt know my bed was that dirty
now i feel so much cleaner=]]
that's good k
but i know at the end of the year... ya it might return to the same old again.

ok anws, went for the reunion dinner bla bla
my baby cousin is so chubby and he keeps drooling.
haha and he keeps wanting my phone and wants to lick it
and he likes mo mo my orange ball. and the little yellow bear hanging from my phone
k, he just wants all my things to be covered in his saliva.
anws, something weird happened on the way home
we were on the train back
and i saw this girl suddenly panic
and she gave the paiseh look
and she turned and looked at her seat and sat at the edge of her seat
she took out tissue and wait
when it reached her stop, she quickly cleaned the seat and went out.
it is pretty obvious what that meant to girls.
but to guys maybe not that obvious
but im not gonna spill it out=]
so too bad.

saw alfan and his cousin at 7-eleven at sunplaza
bought ben & jerry's ice-cream! yum.=]
i know i'll grow fat over this period of cny stuff
but yo! the goodies are freaking tempting!
i ate the whole container of pineapple tarts.
of cuz with the help of my cousin and brothers and mother and dad
but ya, i think i ate way much

sway - pussy cat dolls. street jazz

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