Friday, January 9, 2009


i finally went for ballet today
luckily i remembered the steps
but i feel so much lousier! almost everyone is better than me, i cant miss ballet anymore. must go back and practice. exam is like in april=/
i missed like a whole month of practice
i missed last week's cuz i didnt know it changed to a fri, and i went on a sun and it was closed.
then my dad kept blaming me for not asking my frens and that i made him drive me to ballet and u-turn back half-way. HAHAH

oh b4 i go on bout campfire orientation. LOOK! my dp is so cute right! totally shows my mood yesterday. and no i didnt draw that, MSN provided. so many ppl ask me if i drew that. thanks but you're flattering me.=] oh and take note of the emotes! i love the one with the mouth wide open. hahah. click on picture to enlarge.

ok anws!
i feel so lucky
the latest time for the other classes to end is 4.30
my very latest is 3.
HHAA, ok i shall stop reminding them that
i like both my math teachers. they're small and cute
OH OH! i just rememebered something so impt today
i freaking overslept k
and i had to be in sch for the pinning badge ceremony
i woke up at 6.30
and my house is bloody far away from sch
so after deciding for [ wasting ] 10 mins
i decided to go to sch cuz my mum say ' you still have to go to sch and face the music. cab down will have enough time? '
so she passed me 25 bucks.
how sweet. im gonna mop the house 5 times for free to pay her back
so ya, i was so scared i couldnt get a cab
but finally i got one and off i went
i almost cried
cuz i promised myself not to get demerits this year, or lesser.
ya i wanted to sleep in the cab initially but was too nervous...
i asked the uncle if he can reach b4 7.20 then he say he'll try
OMG! he reached at 7.21 outside my sch
so good right! i was so nervous that i felt sick to my stomach in the cab, felt like puking
ya the cost was 23.25 but he charged me 23 bucks. another good point.=]
and i ran and ran and boom, i wasnt late. thank goodness.
today went well
and after sch, it was time for orientation campfire!
no doubt, there are peektures! most of them with amanda but i'll prolly get them on sun

i look terribly weird in the photos today.=]

xiu says she looks spastic but i think she looks so nice. for me, fat-face
aloy and me
and ya! this year's our very last orientation dance
it was SOOO fun
i kept smiling
everyone was cheering
it was such a good experience.
i'll miss everything in dance when i leave or whatever
omg, it's so fast. i was like what, sec 1 yesterday? a noob in dance and bla.
goodness gracious. time pass really really quickly....
ppl always ask me to cherish the times we have now, but how the hell do we do that?
teach me. we cant stop time
my brother is at the NYP open house, wanted to go but had ballet
he says it ends at 9.30 but it's 11.40 now and he's not back. -_-
anws, i have chingay combined 2moro
it's like they're gonna video it for the short clip as advertisement.
if you see a golden corset when the advert comes on tv [i don know when thouhg]
that's my dance!=]]]
k, i have cca day open house plus a math lessons 2moro
can my life get anymore hectic? hope not

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