Saturday, January 24, 2009

drown in clouds.

i started my previous-deleted post yesterday with that title too
ok anws
let's rewind back to yesterday
i went for two periods of phys lessons only=]
and after off for dance
2 hrs is barely enough to prepare everyone.
make-up, hair, costume checks and gah
im glad everything went well
so first up!
the lion dance performance!
i swear i look damn retarded when i took the head off to bow
i could feel i had a centre parting. GROSS
and amanda played the drum perfectly=D
cheers to her
and the chinese dance was next!
it was like the best among all the other practices i think=]]
good job juniors!!
and after watching their performance
we have to do the very tedious make-up for ju hua tai
i swear i did my eye in just 2 mins. excluding the eyeliner
the eyeliner gives us double eyelid. awesome!
ok then it was our turn to perform
we were the very last dance. closing act. MUAHAHA.
ok ya, i was so damn-freaking-excited-to-perform-i have-no-idea-why
ya .
after the first few steps, my fringe suddenly came out from my bun
and smit and mo commented after my performance: that's how we recognized you throughout the dance!
but ppl commented that the dance was nice so that makes us happy=]]
then the cny decor competition
i was on stage [ with the curtains closed ] listening to the winners
then the MC said: 4......G......1
haha, im so happy
i could hear the whole class cheering
ok some of our class decors
the two ppl on the carts are our form and co-form. they actually look like them
the nipples makes the cow look cute. oh when i was young, i went to australia once
i tried milking the cow b4, but either my fingers were too short, i didnt have the strength or i don have the skills in squeezing the milk out, i just couldnt. the nipples felt sticky i think, if i didnt 4get.
ya i think it's more of the age.
ok after the performance, met mo, smit and tania at G block toilet to change
we went to some place idk to get something for mo's mum first
ya anws, i never knew some ppl thought that way
i just don wish to get invloved or create any conflict
it hurts, a little. but heck, they are not impt.

these ppl are
ya, we went into this dvd renting shop
and mo was choosing dvds for her mum and there was this indian guy that was standing behind us
i thought he was like the sales assistant
k anws, mo went out to talk on the phone
then we just continue standing there to talk
then suddenly the indian guy said: excuse me! can you move?
in the very rude-annoyed tone.
like im supposed to know he wants to look at the dvds too
like im supposed to know he isnt a sales assistant
like i can read his mind?!
wtf. rude rude rude
then he walked away, so we went back there to look at the stuff
then he came back again and i said: let's go away
and i did it loudly on purpose.
so sickening can
anws, mo's chauffeur drove us to taka after that
tania left so the 3 of us ate at macs and kfc
then after that, walked to far east
saw xiu on the way!! lol
we were hugging like crazy and rong rong commented: shi nian mei jian le huh? [ haven met for 10 years ]
then we continue walking and walking and mo mo kept commenting that it's damn far
so i said: that's why it's called the FARRRR east
so anws, i finally bought a new shorts
and bangles
i want a new dress and skirt and many more!
i want shopping
and my mum wants me back by 4.30 so there wasnt much time to shop
but i got back home at 5.30. oops. hehe
my eld bro cooked dinner for us yesterday.
LOL. passable
ok today!
finally done with yesterday
today i spent the whole day at home cleaning my room
my whole family keeps going: clean up your room luh. it's so messy.
im the untidiest in the whole fam.
so anws, after one whole day
went to my fat fat ah ma's side for reunion dinner
the food not very nice. but was freaking efficient.
anws, i D.I.Y alot of things today
like this leg thingy. whatever it's called. it came from a belt
this too=] and everyone!! i've finally bathed mo mo. fresh and clean=] and more orangey

and SOME cam-whoring peektures

and my aunt bought me blusher!!! yay. im happy . new addition to my make-up collection
it's small and cute=]
now i just have to collect make-up brushes and more eyeshadow colour as i grow older.
my mum wants to me continue packing my room
i threw away two hello kitties today=[
i have two more. i even considered throwing away my barbie dolls
should i? it's like my childhood toy yknow...
but my room really needs space. aiya
decide another time. hehe
oh oh!! btw, my main door is a very chio colour now
my mum says it's olive. but it isnt exactly green.
a little bit like brown too. i don know, i just love the colour=]
ok, i gtg end this long post.

SEET. [rion] drown in clouds says:
31 jan ah
SEET. [rion] drown in clouds says:
SEET. [rion] drown in clouds says:
haven i told you?
u say 31 how i kwow feb or jan =((
SEET. [rion] drown in clouds says:
SEET. [rion] drown in clouds says:
there's no 31 feb-_-

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