Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Don't look down on others..... you will only see their feet

haha, i think that sentence is really amusing
i koped it from my sch diary
oh wells, my eld bro is deciding between NJ and AC now
does anyone know if AC likes to keep asking the students for money?
i don noe......
it's impt to me cuz i plan to go to the same sch he goes to, so i can go to sch with him. hopefully he'll come back home together too. in pri shc, he dislike going home with us. so dumb right.
ok anws. we ended sch early today again!
and today went by quite fast. fav day of the week
2moro and fri ending at 3. so not looking forward to it
after sch, acc mo to paragon with smit and pooch
then went to taka for lunch
it was 3 plus by then
we were all freaking famished.
we ate at KFC.
OH and it's P.E 2moro
i hope ms ang dont expect me to lead the jogging trial or anything
i used to be slacking and walking during tha jog last year.
hope we can play WII. been so long.. haha
it was so funny last year
last year passed so quickly didnt it?
this year seem quite okay.. but like cny is coming and bla bla
i hope by mid-feb, when chingay and everything is over i can concentrate better.
ok, im boring and have nth much to blog about.
oh wait! this morn during assembly, the dm was saying she received complain calls from the public, i was damn scared it'll be about a girl stepping on the lady's foot. but luckily it's not... ahah
oh and i hate my skirt. i have 2 passable ones actually
but both are in the wash
i have 2 or 3 more which are the long ones
omg, i wore the long one to sch
super uneasy. it's not only long k it's huge.
and 2 ppl tell me that i look fierce today
i shall use it to my advantage=]
ok hw time=/

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