Tuesday, January 27, 2009


i know it's weird that i start with day two but deal with it. i like it this way
so anws, went to lao shi's house to bai nian today=]]
woke up at 8.30
so early luh but in the end still wait for so long
our meeting time is 9.30 but xiu says nicholas came at 8.45
how kiasu
hehehe ya we took a bus down to lao shi's house.
ok last year was freaking crowded and awkward but very fun
but this year i know so many ppl, not that awkward but was boring
all we did was play dai di and black jack - no money
ppl who's zodiac is rooster shouldnt gamble, have bad luck this year
no wonder i lost 10 bucks yesterday
so annoying luh
so i didnt gamble today=]
omg, i suddenly want to play mahjong

oh ya and we were watching mtv. the korean pop night
and we danced ' nobody ' when the wonder girls are dancing.
so ghey
what else.... nothing. there was this dare game last year which was so fun. this year not that many ppl go.
we are the ones dancing nobody. retardedness

not before long we left for lunch at causeway point
me, xiu, squerm, amanda, gao mei, jou teng and regina
ate at macs. srsly, squerm will get diabetes. im not cursing her
she eats french fries with sugar
yes she dips it in sugar
weird but she likes it....

oh and me and xiu are wearing the same shorts today!!=]] except hers is black and mine is not-black. [ idk what colour to call it ]
on the bus.
in the toilet. yes we cam-whore almost everywhere

xiu mama. hahaha. my hug-mate=DD
sherm the squerm. sugar eater-_-
amanda the bimbo. lol. i've got nothing else to call you sry. cam-whorer like me=]
and be amazed. im crapping.ok ta-da. im done with day 2.
how quick was that
my family went to my e-ma house and she invited the lion troupe
i wanted to go but nvm.
ooh ooh! i 4got to post this on my blog
i can get chingay tickets for 8 bucks. the seats ticket.
but.... too late. the closing date is 26 which was yesterday
so no more cheap tickets
and my chingay actual is this coming saturday!!
im in the finale item. so watch that k.

and due to chingay, im gonna miss another family gathering at my cousin's house but oh wells, they can all watch me on tv 2gether=] how sweet. [ im bluffing myself ]

chingay prac on wed and fri and sat. and i'll be done and thru with it!

songs to listen:

unbeautiful - lesley roy [ at first i thought it was tokio hotel, then i thought lesley was a guy and i found out she was a girl. her voice it sexxaye ]

untouched - the veronicas [ i love the lalala part. haha ]

halo - beyonce [weird at first but it gives me the light and calm feeling]

fear - lily allen [ cute song ]

many more! listen to 98.7FM OR 91.3

my two fav radio stations. they provide good music=]

oh oh, sneak a peek of bai nian day 1

there was this low EQ girl i think that came, i have no idea how we're related but oh wells. not my point. ya she sat beside me to watch tv

i was watching the 80 days around the world or something, the one jackie chans acted in and it was funny what

so i laughed. [ laughing is perfectly normal right ]

ya and whenever i laugh, she kept turning her head to look at me. so weird can!! wtf, i cant laugh? i don noe luh, it was so annoying. and when she want to eat something, she must sit up str, like very paiseh to take the food then after 2mins then take the snack to eat. like yo! just take it???

so i tried controlling my laughter which was quite easy cuz my laughter was overcomed by the annoyance i received. thank goodness she left. bless the lord.

k im so mean. bye

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