Tuesday, January 20, 2009

back to square 1

eh, i suck at my languages
im suppose to be 'good' at chi cuz i drop from hcl but im like damn lousy!!!
and my eng sucks shit.
tskkkkk. and im not whining, at least not as bad as smit.

im grumpy, i want my dinner.
i want my grades to improve.
oh and this year's cny celebration we dont have half day
does other sch have half day?
so unfair.
and we cant wear cny clothings
but we do every year!! wth..
but nvm, we can bring extra clothings to go out later on
ok i need to find some lyrics alr.
and mo is trying singing this year for crez awards and of cuz compere
haha, good luck mo!!

ok short and sweet post
chingay prac 2moro=[

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