Friday, January 2, 2009


girl's are bit too fine to grab, but for guys, perfect.
i learnt this from my brothers
good to have brothers
i accidentally pulled my brother's leg hair and it hurt him
when i tried again, he was scared of it.
so from then on, when he bully me, i'll pull.
and today, i was thinking, maybe kicking the groin is too serious
pulling leg hair could be another alternative to escape any bad guys trying to capture or rape you!
think about it
but if this method becomes 'famous' or anything
it'll be so easy to spot a rapist or any sort of bad ppl!
cuz their leg would be bare! HHAHAHA. i think that's retarded.
it was my lil bro's birthday yesterday! 1st jan
oh and i 4got how to sing that zoo song.

'Happy brithday to you,
you are born in the zoo,
bla bla monkey bla bla,
you smell like one too!'
trying to decide on the place to have dinner
gor: i know, let's go back to the place where zhen had her dinner, at causeway..
zhen: shh! [ trying to recall the place ] i know the place!!... wait, i forgot the name
oh wells, when i reached, i remembered it is called breeks
zhen: see! i knew it was breeks, i knew it.

things i like about that place:
-menu is huge. peektures are huge for us to see.
-their Caesar salad's raisins are very nice
things i dont like:
-seat is too far away from the table
-mushroom cream spaghetti's noodle is bland like anything. yuck

-their fondue chocolate is too little!
-their ice strawberry and lemon tea taste very artificial and i needed to ask for 2 more slices of lemon to taste the lemon taste.

ok, skip
my phone died-ed so i only managed to upload these few photos
morn assembly was dreadfully long
sch rules and bla bla bla
adding to my new year resolution, i plan not to get any demerits this year
i know it's quite impossible but i passed spot check this morn, that's one good sign to my success!
but this year, it's like so much stricter. so i might fail. i don know.=/
sch was pretty good today cuz it was ALL SO SLACK!
i just... didnt like some teachers
they added a new sch rule that we cant blog bout our teachers. -_-
damn it. well, it's good enough that my frens know. she really cmi.
cannot stand it. [ya sit down -_-]
anws, after sch, dance stock check!
it was relatively fun because we got alot of help today. haha.
xiu's fav pose. i mean, standard pose. oh her sis is in our sch! and my ex-class mate's too
i know my eye bags look terrible. and it'll be worst by the end of this year.
chingay prac 2moro.
no time for hw
omg.... i can die, so much hols hw to finish up=[
and sun im gonna catch bedtime stories.
my life is plain messy.
im alr lost on the first day
and nh sec 4 ppl are alr mugging
eh so weird, i slept at my ah ma house and in the car alr but im still so sleepy
am i really that pig? [ lie to comfort me =) ]
this morn when i went to sch, i realize i've changed
i use to care so much shit about how i looked like in the uniform but i really didnt care much today
maybe im really becoming a nerd or i didnt think there was a need to look nice for anyone. 2009, i've changed, and will continue changing
change is constant.

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