Tuesday, January 6, 2009

And i just keep meeting gheys....

yo! i didnt blog yesteday cuz
firstly, had dance till very late
secondly, it was xiao niang re's last episode!!
so it was a must watch
i wished i could have used it as an excuse today. haha
and!! i just realize im like 1/4 niang re.
my mum is 1/2. her grandmama or whoever [ i 4got ] was full-fledge.

i have a teacher that sighs 8723487 times per lesson, and a teacher that occasionally either chuckle or cough while talking. or maybe it's natural? i don know. yeah but im still trying to get use to the sighing teacher.

well, i have stm, i don wanna go recall what i had yesterday.
i shall talk bout today!
today was a short day=] lovin it.
ya after school, went to clementi for the discussion thingy.
it was quite productive i must say, though we ended at 5.
it was very interesting..
ya and this is nicholas's handphone pouch
HAHAHAHA. truly a rooster.
i think it's so funny! not exactly bcuz it looks like this but..

nicholas: i think it's cute what.
alot of things happened too. and alot of suaning going on.

i mistook taper as stapler. wth is taper anw, a tape?
alot of other interesting comments such as
zhen: we were talking bout you [ nicholas ] looking like letty.
ROFL! i didnt mean it that way. i wanted to say character wise but ya, i don exactly think b4 i speak.

anws, i wanted to sleep just now but i might as well blog luh
i wont be blogging 2moro cuz there is chingay prac till 9.30
like wtf, im so using that as an excuse on thurs. super valid can!
i have dance after sch, and chingay after dance.
oh oh , i 4got when but i watch bedtime stories!!!!!
on sunday. ya ya.
it was awesome. 8/10=]]]
watched with my eld bro, peiyi and her bf, smit and her sis.
we all know each other! so cool. [ except pei yi's bf ]
so yeah, we ended up in macs afterwards
smit and her note. haha, so hui ping.

'dear handsome/sexy.
hello, i think you're GORGEOUS.
Happy birthday!=D
(P.S: i'll be watching you )
love hui ping'
i know the happy birthday is random but i just felt like putting that down, haha

prezzie on left from see wei, THANK YOU!
bottle on right from smit! LOVE YOU! it's very sweet.=]
oh oli finally passed me my belated present. i kinda finished eating it so no peektures. she gave me fake lashes too. but no glue-_-.

i ate pizza last night. so fattening
tonight, i'll be having subway.
i need serious work out
i gain a kg
and i shrunk a cm
i swear, that freaking machine made everyone heavier and shorter by 3 cm.
hate that, i rather do it manually. [ makes me taller ]
k i gtg fake that i slept

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