Friday, January 16, 2009

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xiu: wow nice bra [ she didnt see me with just my bra on luh.. ].
ye jing: OMG! your bra is so... cheerful [ she saw it cuz during ballet, cannot wear bra and leotard. doesnt go together. so ya, she saw it at my bag. HEHE ]
i wore my new sloggi bra today
i kept one for CNY
but it's black.. oh wells, heck
ya the one i wore today is flowery and pink.
and of cuz i don have a photo of it and im not gonna take it
i decided to be less sick. which doesnt mean not sick at all.
and guess what, my mum freaking read the sick story hui ping created the other time
yknw the 4 parts sick story thing
ya she read the hard copy version
and she scolded me like shit!! don laugh. hmph
[ my bro's mac delivery just came. it's 12.08am now ]
ANWS... today was a long day. ended at 3
i felt super depressed after recess today
cuz there was chem and i realize i suck at it
actually no, i realized that last year alr
ok.. i think that im the lousiest at chem in my class.
i srsly dont get a shit. i really need a tuition teacher to re-teach me everything from scratch. like my basics are so unstable and all, and my eyelids are closing up on me any min now
and after chem was chi
i did so badly for the paper
i kept quiet the whole bloody time and refuse to communicate with anyone, including the teacher.
but of cuz i couldnt communicate with anyone, im sitting alone.
but after lit, felt much better. and bla bla
mrs tan is so so so nice.
she brought us chocolate waffles for us to eat while we do the class room decor
and when we ask her if her office have alot of scissors, and if she could bring for us
she immediately went! without hesistation. point is we asked her that when she just arrived so she had to walk all the way back. how sweet=]]] so she brought the scissors back with her + chocolate waffles. she's so motherly. 4G1 LOVES HER.=D
went for dance later on.
the chinese dance is improving! good job! hope our ju hua tai is too.
and ahh, i need time to get my cny clothings. im running out of time
and chingay is coming and wth. can die.
after dance it was ballet!
i felt so much better today
not that lousy anymore
and in 2010, we'll be performing at the end of the year!!
and we might be given the chance to choreograph.
but the bad part is that we have to dance to the band's music by the CC.
nvm if you dont get it. it's just really hard
cuz i want to add like really cool sound effects and stuff but it's hard to do it with just those wind instruments. so ya... we'll see when it comes
we'll be grade 8 by then i think.... or one grade higher
anws, im gonna kope some fries or anything from my brother and sleep
gathering 2moro!=]

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