Tuesday, December 9, 2008

you blow me away... [ oh man, smelly ]

yo yo!
im so sleepy right now but im still gonna blog=]
eh you know my previous post have the 'se? i dreamt of him' as a title.
i srsly don remember putting a 'se?' in front. unless someone hack into my acc and change it.
tsk tsk. but why se? but i thought it sounded quite cool so i left it there. LOL
oh talking bout dreams.... i had a weird one last night again
i dreamt that i was suddenly in sch uni and with a bloody long sch skirt~
i was freaking out. i didnt know why i ended up in a that. just like a sec one-yer
random right. what do my dreams mean anw?
today, i woke up cuz of smit's msg
lol, i was suppose to meet at at 10 at khatib mrt but i woke up when she told she had reached alr.
i was like... 'huh? OH SHIT.'
i always over-sleep
oh wells. day started off good not cuz of me being late-_-
cuz both of us saw cute guys in the morn!
lol, our breakfast. j-k. i make ourselves sound despo. but hey, no crime.
sope, we went to look for chritmas presents=]]
i don do, no no, let me correct myself, i never do christmas shopping b4. HAHA
yea yea, im always collecting presents.
but over the years, my christmas present is getting lesser and lesser
almost nearing zero!!
well, nvm who cares.
im gonna try shopping this year but my budget is really low i guess
oh btw, xiu's the same kind of person like me, we receive presents. LOL
ya im just gonna get some cute gifts for my close frens and family.

i tell you arh, smit's like me. damn indecisive
actually i think im worse.
cant help it. HAHA
oh oh!! the food at the food court is so expensive~~!
5.50 for nasi briyani.-_-~~~"""
and 2.20 for a drink -___________-
it came to us that fast food is actually quite cheap=]
haha. but unhealthy..
oh wells, finally got my mochi today.=] my belated present from esther.
thank you
ok if you eat too much, it's quite gross...
i only ate four [ all 4 flavors =) ] and i felt eeeky alr.
later on, i made my way down to somerset for the hip hop lessons!
the lyrical hip hop dance is always so nice. i love it
but the reggae one today.. i don really like.
oh wells, 2moro's the 3rd lesson!
the dances are really nice. i likey
then after the lesson, me and xiu went to eat cheese prata.
omg, she is damn retarded
she kept making me laugh, non-stop
and i can sense those other ppl staring at us weirdly.
i love cheese prata
oh i was recording xiu and her crazy faces and laughing quietly
when i wanted to click stop, i realize there isnt any stop option cuz i didnt even click record.-_-

eh! i've been eating alot this few days.... TSK.


ooh!! i think im damn cheapo

MUAHAHA. im going to my ex-class bbq 2moro

i don have to pay that extra 14 bucks, just have to pay for the bbq which is 8 bucks.

AHHAHA. ok im feeling damn pig. i think im gonna have gastrics.

I KEEP FINDING FOOD!! so yeah, bbq here i come.=]

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