Tuesday, December 30, 2008

seriodestly, you're riduculous! i don believe you do sokodu, you wanna make me spit out my warker! im gonna eat my mashmerllow, marsh potato and frice.

the larger words are new words i learnt today
seriodestly - seriously + honestly
riduculous - ridiculous [ by glenda ]
sokodu - sudoku [ by jocelyn ]
warker - water [ by jocelyn, i know! such a big difference right! ]
mashmerllow - marsh mallow [ half by me, half by jocelyn. ]
marsh potato - mash potato [ by me. srsly, i can never say those two words right. ]
frice - rice + fan (chinese for rice) [ by me ]
p.s: no one actually said that line, the title. i anyhow mixed it together.

geraldine's cookies are made of stone i swear. oh and geraldine, i managed to bite this christmas tree, you said you will do what? nvm, oh you still owe me chocos.
playboy bunny
ok well, those are not my main thing for this post
well, it's combined prac.
i was having doubts on tying two pony tails but oh wells, with my new SUPER LAYERED hair, i'll look weirder with a pony tail.
oh b4 i go on, i wanna watch ponyo, i think the sound track is cute. opens on new year.
oh oh one more thing, the world is small. no actually, it's just singapore
my neighbour knows smita's sister. =] and we're planning to watch bedtime stories together.
smit okay?
yup and jocelyn is suppose to come online now and send me the freaking peekture so i can crop and do something nice. it's not the real nice, dont be fooled. it's the SNEAKY one. muahaaha.
so anws, i think i side-tracked too much.
combined was really fun this time.
cuz i can finally see everyone's face. ah! my secret
i never knew how they actually looked like.. i mean roughly but not really.
cuz im bit blind without specs and and ppl always tell me to look at whoever and they laugh but even if i squint my eyes, i cant make out who that is, so it's hard for me to laugh along.
during sec 1 or even sec 2, i don even know and remember anyone.
anyhow i made new frens today + i learnt new names.
and im not gonna attempt to spell them.
practiced ayg in the morn.
i think i grew a pimple on my butt cuz of the hot floor
that's how ppl grow pimple on butts right.
my mum always say dont sit directly on those seats on the mrt that are still hot, will grow pimple.
so ya... it was fun.
ok anws, bla bla bla
let's see, we got to roll over bodies. i know that sounds extremely odd
by ya, it's the longest trail of bodies i ever rolled on. giddy much
and then it's games time!!
the blow wind blow tradition except in eng version this time.
i think the punishment for those guys shouldnt be pole dancing. not good enough.
i have a better one!
that would definitely make them scream. haha
[im sadistic i know]
cuz it does for my eld bro. who ask him to have such pullable leg hair.
i shall punish my future bf like this if he bullies me, but most prolly, i'll just do it for fun. for NO reasons.
oh and boobs flattening game. [ no, not literally. ]
yknow what!!! our grp won!!!
A punishment. omg, that's damn attractive. LOL
i swear, im not gonna hop for the next 3 months.
and oh shit, i think my memory is failing me...
i 4got the next game, or was there even one?
aiya forget it, then it's dance time.
like each sch dance their own item
once again, we danced our syf item.
finally we went down for the last ayg practice and it was horrible i think. lol, worst of the other times we practiced and that was the time where so many ppl watch.
NEXT, mass dance and gift exchange.
beng zai didnt even wrap his gift. tsk tsk
oh oh jocelyn's wrapping thingy was so attractive but inside arh, really cmi.
i got my fav brand of candy!! YUPI GUMMY!!!
it was the snake thing.
wonder who got mine...
after all that, took a photo of the sec 3s of nh and cgs!
ok im still waiting for jocelyn to come online to get the peekture from her.
she said she'll come online after xiao niang re.
im exceptionally tired today
but i still need to do the sickening hw that stays in my room and stares at me.
songs to listen:
just dance - lady gaga [love this]
isomnia - craig david [love this too!]
decode -paramore
thinking of you - katy perry
oh no! so late alr.
and oh shit, i think ppl know me as the sick-minded person. that's bad....
ahhhh, that's really bad
but who cares. =]

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