Wednesday, December 3, 2008


i hate you
stupid virus. ahah! i bet some of you thought it was a person i was cursing
the stupid virus disallow me to use the internet, cuz it'll hang
so it made me crawl underneath the table to plug my phone in to upload the pics.

so YA!!! outing with smit starts

we met up at our usual meet up place and off we go to town we wanted to watch wildchild at plaza but i checked my phone and they didnt have wildchild.
so we went back to our usual movie place to catch wildchild!!
must i emphasize that wildchild is de goodest movie!!
yeah it's so good that my eng is screwed
OMG! IT RHYMES. yo i rock.
so after the early movie around 1 , we were DAMN hungry
so we went back to the place where we ate the crepes the other time for curry rice!
and after that, ice-cream! i swear the thing almost fell off when i licked too hard. it always happen when im small and have zero idea how the ice cream cone thing works.

and we went to play photohunt!! haa our fav game
it's at the top level of cine
smit say she saw alot of cute guys, but i saw almost none
nvm, previously, i saw quite alot on the train and on the way home too. =]
k some dark pictures.
not dark as in EVILLLLLL kinda dark.
you'll see

ya real dark right.
oh wells
i have no weird dreams today i think
maybe i do, but i 4got alr. =]
oh my crush.
i asked him the names of his brothers
and he said something like 'yea but its melvyn? i need some explanation please?'
he sounds quite unfriendly right. sigh, im starting not to like him alr
HHAA. im so weird
gtg out soon
bye bye
p.s: remember... 7-13 DEC..... READ the 'one huge favor' post to understand=]

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