Friday, December 19, 2008


i've got a qn
why do guys like to wear their jeans/bermudas/pants/bla really low
like half of their butt?
izzit because it's comfortable cuz it's airy or they think it looks cool?
how does a 'flabby-looking' thingy hanging look cool?
weird huh

OH OH!!! i haven blogged for very long
cuz of dance and bla and airport and i get home really late
ya nvm, my point
i wanna tell you bout the fuck-you uncle!!!!

i was waiting for my bus at the orchard bus stop on dont know which day
and there was this uncle riding a bicycle [fyi, at the bus stop]
so the bus naturally stopped to fetch it's passenger
it's such a logical thing to do right?
then the uncle started scolding 'fuck you luh! why PARK the bus here!'
and he said fuck you like several times
point is, the driver dont even know
but im quite surprised that he didnt scold all the hokkien stuff
of he did, i wouldnt find it funny.
and dance was bad. my arms are killing me.
[i have to blog very little cuz my mum's coming back from sentosa and i have to sleep b4 she gets back]
so ya i went to fetch my eld bro from the airport yesterday after dance
he finally gets back from korea
my aunt effing got ginseng tablets?
like it cost 1000 buck per huge box!!!
1000 sing dollars mind you
so ex! and she bought 4 boxes somemore
one was given to us=]
and he got me something=]]]
of cosmetics
apparently my aunt caught my hint that day!
yay me
i've got the peektures but im not gonna upload today
so yeah...
my bro's hair is quite long now.
ok next next
dance today was the worst
my arms really felt like it was falling off
and after that there was chingay
i swear! beng zai really look like a buddha
oh oh!
cuz we went to P.A with him
i told him he look like buddha
and he agrees! HAHA
he say finally someone agrees with me, i think i look like buddha too.
ok ok, the chingay prac was LOOONGGGG
one word can describe it
and my contacts were dyring up on my eye ball
went bakc with that gro i went with again
your beng zai going 2moro
okok i really gtg

P.S: i'll make sure i take out my contacts first.
i have no time to check for spelling errors or wadsoeva so ignore all errors alrighty.

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