Tuesday, December 2, 2008



guys!!!! omg omg, you know what
i think i found my crush on friendster

yknow the other time i blogged bout him
then i decided to go friendster and see if there's such a person
and there was one!
so i viewed him. to make sure he isnt those kind that has dead friendsters
i waited for him to view me back to confirm
so after a few days he did! so i just asked him a qn
me: do you have two brothers
him: yea, how did you know.
im right! yes.
eh but like he cant remember me. sigh
nvm, at least i found him.
happy enough

oh i watched wildchild yesterday and it is AWWEEEESOME!!!
I RATE IT 9.5/10
it is better than house bunny i think
it is so cool i swear
girls go watch it, must watch. damn nice=]
but i think there's another movie called angus,thongs and snogging or something
ya it has a similar story. so weird right.
i suspect they used the same boarding school to film the show.

so just go watch it! wildchild! i love poppy. her character is just so assholely, i love that. =]

went out with smit yeaterday too=]
im using the com currently so im too lazy to crawl underneath the table to plug my phone to upload the pics
and my laptop has virus so i cant use that.
damn it
going out with rax 2moro
she just got back from hk yesterday
i'll be home alone today
and i think i srsly need to jog

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