Friday, December 12, 2008

my 902nd post

i FINALLY went to make my ic today
it was overdue. i actually had to make it by 27 nov.
i HATE HATE HATE my front view
went to take the photo for the ic
gosh, so ugly and fat. eeek
but i think the job at those counter very cool
those thumb print stuff and gah, i think it looks really fun.
we ate at the same coffee shop near that place again
a place where sells really good soup
they place it in urns. anyone been there b4?
i swear, the soup is really good!! and the prices are really reasonable.
like rice + vege + chicken soup = $4.70!
cheap or cheap? cheap=]
whenever we go there, we'll eat at that coffee shop
after making my ic, went to northpoint to buy books
i bought cross stitch as well, yknow, since we were at popular, might as well. LOL
OH OH! anyone knows where to get strings to make friendship bands?
not threads yknow. it's like those... i don know how to explain but girls should know=]
so whoever knows where to get pls let me know, im like finding it everywhere i go.=]]
thanks alot

after buying those books, me and my mummy went O.P.
since northpoint just got 'renovated and extended' and the shops are all giving discount, so just get something. LOL
i got this top

. .
oh btw!! i found a pink dress in my cupboard today
should i wear that instead of my D.I.Y dress to ms ng's wedding
but that pink dress is quite big, passed down from my cousin, so not my exact size
and my mum refuses to let me put the belt around the waist cuz she says it's extra
BUT without it, i look fat and pregnant!
and i don have a shoe that fits it..
ok, i should just wear my d.i.y dress.
i know i know, i just answered my own qn-_-
but my d.i.y dress bit..... only rax knows what happen. HAHA
kk, my next door neighbour finally comes back from taiwan after 3 yrs
the ang-moh-couple-neighbour-that-never-opens-their-door-and-hardly-see-them are gone.
im not rejoicing or wadeva, don anyhow think.
i have chingay prac later. pffs
and why is e math hw so hard suddenly
how to find the area of hemisphere?
izzit 2/3 pai r square? [ read it as it is ]

tell me, someone tell me....

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