Tuesday, December 23, 2008

last min christmas shopping

why is the short form of christmas, x'mas?
why cant it be z'mas or something
shouldnt 'christ' be represented by a t?
so it should be t'mas.
what's the real reason behind it????

ooh ooh, my korea gift aka birthday present
it's about the same as the jap mascara.
the jap mascara dries faster and just need one step
the korean mascara needs two steps, thus dry slower but lashes would be blacker.
yup anws... christmas is coming very soon!!
i used to have this fake christmas tree that my family would build and decorate
but my dad threw it away either last year or two years ago
now the christmas spirit is gone.=[
look at my arms!! muscles from those bamboo swinging. oh ya, i need to practice my bamboo thing alr.
i just realize every single part of my name is call-able
ppl call me seet. shu. zhen. [or seeto or ah zhen and many else ]
as in just that word itself.
quite amusing
and i naturally respond to all nick names
ppl who call me shu zhen prolly means that they are not too close to me
but i somehow like the way they call me shu zhen. sounds funny.
and my uncle's name is made up of surnames.
mok ong fok. hahaha. i think that's interesting
do you know anyone with names made up of surnames?
like 'lim tan seet'
HAHAA. i think that's funnier.
i think ijimae is a nice show
and it's showing now
so im gonna watch=] heee
k bye
my gold ring has became bronze. izzit due to oxidization?
i really need to improve the way i speak chinese.

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