Thursday, December 25, 2008

last christmas, i gave you my heart
the very next day, you gave it away
this year, to save me from tears
i'll give it to someone special.

HO HO HO!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!! [or izzit the other way round]

nvm. well, this is my brillant idea!!
im just too lazy to find a green and yellow to colour and stars and the tree
so i just wrote the colour on the paper.
i think it's not bad...
though i still dont feel any christmas spirit
anws, i'll be going down to my ah ma house for dinner later
and we're ordering sushi! yay
btw, i did my manicure alr.
i swear, it's hard
it's hard to do anything much!!
i have to specially protect it now, and there are alr few things going wrong on my nails.... pffs.
it bloody costs 36 bucks, for the whole package
but i must say, quite nice
the result

i know! it looks the same as what i do right?
i told my mum that and she str away gave me a no
she keeps saying i do until very ugly
i told her to lie to me to not break my heart, she said she prefer to be honest
FINE. be like that. i don think my skills are that lousy, i blame it on the brush
lousy quality. pfffs
ya, im planning to do on cny too=]


i love this peekture. it's so candid!!
moi and smit. we'll be doing gift exchange when sch re-opensssss
and eew eeew eew. ppl, stop reminding me of hw.
i know i cant finish it but gosh. ughh
making me more pressurize
i srsly doubt i will finish.=[ never did anw
ok i shouldnt type too much, my nails are expensive now, must give it a rest!

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