Wednesday, December 24, 2008


i've finally took down the extremely old poll bout how ppl find me. sick or pure?
im sure the result is pretty obvious
well for those new readers if i ever have any..
the answer would be..

[ mind you, not the ah-choo kinda sick ]
not in an extreme way but just kinda more knowledgeable... yeahh, sounds better.
i have various posts on sick stories.. you can browse thru those archives and check them out.
it's from this year and prolly ard the exam period.. no no after the exam period. i 4got which month was that.... i remember hui ping writing the story while we were studying for ss at macs. HAHAHA. good times.

well, do the new poll now, will just take you about 5 secs and a lil bit of brain cells.
it's about friendship bands.=]

bought this necklace at the jumbo sale. but i 4got how much it was. either 6 or 9 bucks.
was the only thing i thought was passable
i bought this green top there too. from FOX. but there wasnt my size. so i could only get size two. i swear it's low. [ exposing too much cleavage, if i had one in the first place. rofl ]

you can see my left hand covering something...
ooh! i finally found the right kind of friendship band strings!!
those kar yee gave are do-able but wasnt the kind i was finding
i finally found those i wanted!!! yayyyyyeeeee

my favourite peekture
for those who dont know how a friendship band looks like, this is how it looks like
planning to use this for the combined prac. the gift exchange game!!=]]]
it used to be gold...
im going to try use tooth paste and see if the gold would come out or wadeva
oh anyhow!!!
im gonna do manicure 2moro.
would be my first time doing it
i don know why but i can sense ppl thinking ' you sure? you're so vain, how can you be doing manicure for the first time.... dont believe you. hmph! '
ok maybe not that bimbo-ishly...
but i swear, my first time. [ reminded me of the sick story hui ping yet to send me... pffs ]
it doesnt feel like chritmas eve...
i don feel anything
i used to have a christmas tree with lots of presents underneath it and we would open it when the clock strikes 12. now it's EMPTY!!!
I KNOW!!! im gonna do something now and will show you folks in the next post.
ok ok, any idea from me is an interesting one.=D

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