Wednesday, December 31, 2008

it's so easy to lie

dont you think so. especially when you're not facing that person you're lying to.
no no, especially to someone you're not close. it's hard for me to lie to my mum, she can see thru my lies...
im not saying i just lied or anything luh...
it's just something that came to mind.
well anwsss
i'll be staying home trying to finish my hw while others can go party their ass off
i feel extremely unprepared for sch.
but thank goodness my classmates wont change
i think 3G1 is like the best class.
no bitches or anything. like they are all kind ppl=]]
there's not much hidden msg in that sentence...
yesterday yesterday, after dinner, we were walking home when we saw this dog
i think it's the same one smit has, except it's smaller
omg, it's so friendly and extremely adorable!!
but smit, that small dog's fur is softer than shelty's. haha
after walking somemore, we saw this damn fat cat
not sure if she's pregnant or it's just fats, but it's fat.
ya it started to like rub our feet.
and when my dad went to sit on the bench, the cat kept rubbing it's head against my dad's leg [maybe cuz of his leg hair, have something there to rub against. muahaha] and shoe. so zen-like.=D
and yesterday i saw joe black's look alike.
i walked towards it and it started meowing, i slowly squart down and do that meow sound and it came and rub me. and it started smelling me like how zen does too.
after i don know how long, it put his head on my shoe.
haha. so cute.
but i had to go back and bathe. stink so much after combined.

oh ya, my leg muscle hurts alot, i had a painful experience from climbing up and down the stairs.
i really look up to rabbits and frogs now. they hop for most of their lifes. i just did that for maybe 5mins and im suffering. ~~~~~

wishes do come true=]
but i just wish it wouldnt be what i dont expect it to be.

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