Monday, December 22, 2008

new shoes i bought at the jumbo sale [ im really not a shopaholic ]
i like it cuz it looks like it's wearing boxers. cute
my really old shoe
bought new shoe cuz the lace snapped and it's really old. you never know how long it has been with me.
good 6 years.
i bought this shoe at malaysia when i was p4 and i could still wear it till now.
IM DAMN AMAZED BY IT. that is why the rims of the shoe are all gone.
some peektures at ms ng's wedding. sec 3 dancers
i think this is my most photogenic shot that day. remember i said i think i look damn not photogenic on mg ng's wedding. yeah... i prefer odd shots
amanda, nicole. moi=]
i'll have these few days to try finish up my bloody hw which i think i wouldnt be able too
im looking forward to many things
christmas is coming!! wee
and 26 is my mum's birthday
and suggestion for a birthday present?
last of all. i really have no wish to go out with a stranger
if you really want to see how i look like in reality [ prolly that's your main motive ]
i'll bring my eld brother along.
im not the kind of girl that is that open minded and ugh, i just hate awkwardness
i rather be going out with someone i only met twice
I think im a really difficult person.

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