Thursday, December 11, 2008

i remembered the boy, but i kept forgetting the girl

i know my title sounds weird
you'll understand later
i felt like i didnt post for quite long
my lyrical hip hop lessons are over!!
omg, it's so cool
we videoed alr but the videos are with amanda=]
so anws, yesterday b4 the dance lessons i went out with rax
there were suddenly so many jap students ard
there were so many c.g too! gahhhh
haha, i bought a belt from far east and rax bought necklaces and what else? i 4got... ps
so anws, went for the dance lesson later on
after that, made my way down to pasir ris. luckily i didnt come from sembawang
if not i'll sit until my butt burn. if not stand until my leg become jelly
so anws, i finally reached
i was wearing my shades and shaun couldnt recognize me when i was just a metre away from him. -_-
i needed to walk up to him b4 he realized..
well, he paid for my entry so i shall not suan him too much. HAH
the same happened in the room
so i just took it off
first thing i did, played taidee. LOL
miss that game=]
then bla bla, the guys went down and TRY to start the BBQ but bit cmi
the girls were in the room playing cheat
rachel's cheating skills really.. hahaha. no comments
so yeah, we finally went down and played a prank on the guys
awesome fun. we pretended we didnt bring out the room key
this year's chalet was a much better sucess than last year's.
like so many more ppl came this year.
i didnt want to go at first but on second thought, i would have regretted.
sope. today, no plans for the morn, slept till 12. shiok
but was late for dance lessons
i ran there
oh my hair smelt like BBQ. wasnt stinky but just a odd smell
anws, i dreamt that my bros were driving my dad's van. -_-
we went to the airport after that to send my bro off to korea
memories of the japan trip came back, oh gosh, how i wish i could go overseas again
someone sponsor me..
anws, dinner time, i was famished

this SMALL plate of beef costs........... $8.50
this bowl of shrimp wanton noodle costs $7.80
stupid tourists prices. our whole family meal cost us up to $75.
but... the food is really good, cant deny that=]
the beef is very good, the sauce is marvellous
the noodle is springy and not dry
and the wanton is just smooth and thin and the shrimp inside is chewy
yummy. and we left the airport at 9 plus
got home and managed to catch 5 secs of xiao niang re. im serious
oh at the chalet, everyone was watching the show
HAHA, so interesting=]
well, here comes the BOY GIRL THING
i was talking bout my earrings
i've been stupidly wearing the guy side of my earrings for the day b4 and yesterday
and i didnt even realize till ppl told me
and i go , ' oh shit! ' - for the first day
and 'oh shit, not again! ' - for the second day
after the first day without the girl's side, i told myself to put on the girl's side on the second day
well, i put on the guy's side on the second day
and i have no idea why i forgot to put on the girl's side.
it's weird but i just forgot bout it. so i went out look like a dumb ass with one earring
i must look like a despo with the guy's side only.

the lady=]

ok well, i specially reminded my bro to buy chewing gum and my birthday present at korea.

HAHA, though it's extremely belated, it's from korea! so not too bad=]

ms ng's wedding is coming soon~ 14th=D

oh and my mum finally told my neighbour bout zen and she cried. she was as close to zen as we were.

i was looking at zen's pictures & videos in my lil bro's phone yesterday. omg, he used to be so small, like i could carry him with just my palm! i was actually giggling at the pictures but i realized i was crying after a while.

so drama right. oh wells=] bye!

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