Monday, December 8, 2008

se?i dreamt of him=]

i dreamt of zen last night!!!
i woke up smiling.
i dreamt that he was somehow revived
and i believed in my dream so much
but he came back with a different character
like those tame and quiet cat
but when i woke up cuz i was high tide and needed to pee badly
he was gone
my mum and bro dreamt of him too=]

ok anws, i think i should just give up on those haji lane series
im getting lazier and lazier to delete and upload peektures
so i'll just get on with my life posts and upload those peektures slowly. lol
well, here are some peektures first=]

i like this pic cuz my cheekbones are more defined=]

last night at 1 am, we went to sembwang jetty for a spin and walk after supper which was way unhealthy and fattening.
i realize i've been eating lot more after zen's ___. that's bad...
well anws, it was bloody cold last night at the jetty
the wind was so strong.
and i realized how huge titanic really is. i know, totally random but i wanted to know.
zhen: wow, high tide
mum: huh? you need to go to the toilet??
zhen: no no haha, talking bout the sea water!
and we went back, hid under our blanket. feeling all warm and nice.
that feeling is just wonderful. =]
this morning was truper cold. i wore long sleeves but i was still feeling cold
my younger brother still ordered coke. wth....
skip skip
we had dinner at a jap food court at north point
god, the foood is good
i ate so much. so much. so much..
but it was so good! lol
after dinner we went shopping for my bro's shoe to korea
he is going korea!! ughhh
anws, at one sports shop.
i hit my shin on one of the shoe rack corner
it was freaking pain
and now, it's swollen. =[
oh yeah! my 2nd lyrical hip hop lesson is 2moro
and christmas shopping with smit is 2moro too=]
i just read my bro's blog. it made me cry again.
he made me realize how zen had been the person that made us all happy
i regretted telling him other cats are cuter than him
i regret saying he is stupid.
i miss calling out his name, preventing him from going out the door, him rubbing his head against our legs....=[

p.s: i wanna know the touch of a cat again. i hope this post sounds like im back to normal...?

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