Tuesday, December 16, 2008

i can hardly walk straight

my muscles are extremely tensed up
i need salon pas and counterpain to counter my pain.-_- hahaa
eh i think im quite lame today.
geraldine's fault! HAHA. nah
ya anws, you can only feel the damn pain after everything
[ i cut my nails last night and changed my mind again. long nails are nice. lol, but over long nails arent]
this morn when i woke up, my neck was hurting like &!%#~$#~&@#$^%$~#^
and it was stupidly cold this morn.
[it's so easy to type with short nails]
ya and i made my way to sch with half opened eyes.
oh btw, thank goodness those nan hua ppl helped us today
thanks for helping us saw bamboo sticks and buy lunch and just coming down. lol

i had cramps the whole day
and i feel very sleepy today

ok i have nth else to blog alr
actually i dont feel like blogging. i have nth to say

i suddenly hate my blog.
anws my life is chaos
17 - dance
18 - dance
19 - dance. chingay prac
20 - dance. chalet. chingay prac. chalet
21 - still at chalet - chingay prac at night.
28 - cousin's wedding
29 - dance
30 - combined prac
oh and in between there are still chingay prac
stupid, 2hr at night.
firstly, i wanna watch xiao niang re
secondly, i wanna be at home snugged up warm at night.
thirdly, there have alot of mozzies
fourthly, it's freaking hot there.
but i still wanna join, of cuz.
i think im crapping too much
my neck hurts, im going to lie on bed and do my cross stitch
im transforming into a grandmama soon
it's real fast, trust me. NOT

i need candy to keep me awake and going!!!!!!!!!!!

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