Friday, December 26, 2008

im kinda late for that. this post is suppose to be on the 26 dec.
i shall start with christmas day first
went to my ah ma house for dinner.=]
you'll get to see the food real soon.

some cam-whoring..

OUR DINNER!!=D ta-da!!! YUM MUCH. it was so good. i felt extremely full
remember my hair good.

[26 dec]
sope, i woke up at 12 plus i think.
yeah and soon my mum called and said she's at town and ask if i wanna come down to cut my hair at 1.30
so i ate quickly and rushed down.
cutting my hair costs 40 bucks. expensive.... but it's good=]
yeah i like how they massage your head while washing your hair
though it hurts a little...
yeah, after that we went down for bubble tea and old chang kee=D
and we walked to taka after that
she had vouchers for taka stuff
ok btw!!
where can i find charm bracelets?
i wanna get those for my mum.
yup... i saw really nice shades but its branded and it costs 70 bucks.
and bla bla... bought nth-_-
well, when we got out, there were a few street performers.
the vid is below. some flexible girls in action.
and we went wisma and bla, it's just a boring walk. lol
and so, took the train to yishun to meet the other family members for birthday dinner.=]
saw my ex-sch mates on the train. the smart class. lol
mum: ok, i go sit down, you go and talk to them
seet: nah, they are from the smart class, cannot click too well.
but know what
i was in the same class as them while i was in p2 to p4.
so it shows that i was ONCE smart!!!
maybe my brain cells are dying on me=[
saw the person that annoyed me during my own ex-class chalet. but i was surprised he didnt bring __ hehe.
we decided to eat at hk cafe
i don like hong kong cafe. no no, north point's hk cafe
i don like the food there
this drink is way sweet
family's creation-_- we just lovveee playing with food. dont you love digging a hole in the middle of the ice? and whoever topples it will get boo? so fun=]
it's like their food makes you very... what's that word.
just too much.. im not going back there anymore
when we got home....
so adorable!!! yknow when i just boo him, he'll turn ard and squart down and look in between his short legs at us and laugh. he does that EVERYTIME!! should have taken a vid. was so amusing!!!!!!!

I WANT HIS EYES. [ but pls, don go dig it out from him. he looks cute with it ]
my new hair. there's a difference right~. ok maybe it's too dark. but there is!

flexible girls at work. i swear, one of them is extremely skinny but she has so much arm power!

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