Wednesday, December 3, 2008

ok i shall name the following posts haji lane.
actually should be my belated birthday celebration
my picasa album is giving probs again
so i only managed to upload all these pics
there's still more to go, duh. its us. not the cam-whore queens but around there.
so rax owe me pepper lunch and today she treated me=]]

thanks rax. love the lunch, was so peppery-_-

i've been craving pepper lunch for so long
she owe me cuz she pangseh me. LOL. pangseh me more often then. haha
it was so nice.

oh on the way to P.L, i saw cleon
my ex sch mate. but no idea why i was too shy to say hi.
oh wells
after that sumptuous lunch, and feeling extremely satisfied
we decided on what we should do next
we wanted to try our luck at quarantine [NC16]
but first check movie time
5pm!! too late. so yeah, give up that hope
maybe next time

so we decided to go bugis street
on the way back to the mrt, i saw this uncle [ sweeper ] sweep water.
haha, i think calling him a sweeper bit mean luh
but i bet he thought that spot of water was dirt!
and he swept it! HAHAHA
actually IF i wasnt wearing my contacts, i would think that is dirt too
ok so, insulting him would be insulting myself.

let me refresh your memory
C.G does not equal cell group or centre of gravity or crescent girls'
to me..

so yeah
i dont know if i was exceptionally attractive yesterday or what [ J-K]
i eye-contacted so many c.g!! haha
i saw one at pasta mania. =]]
ahhh, so many C.G!!!
ok ok , then we were kinda lost in bugis
but finally managed to find bugis street
rax bought a dress, quite worth it i think.
i felt so aimless yesterday
didnt buy anything
and then she started saying let's go hajilane
i thought it was some kind of dialouge
never been there either
so she started asking around
we searched high and low for that god damn lane luh
i felt like a tourist.
and finally after walking like forever under the HOT sun

we've reached!!

god bless me, i literally heaved a sigh when i saw that sign.
here we are, haji lane!

place where art begins.... maybe?
no actually, it should be
'CAM-WHORERS, START YOUR ENGINE' well, i still have to delete more pics from my piscasa album
so the other peektures would be up on haji lane 2.
haji lane reminds me of majide, the jap gameshow.

yeah anyway. we walked and end up at kampong glam in the end.

the only stuff i bought, beaded bracelets. i think it looks unique=] at kampong glam. cheap cheap!!! 2 bucks for one. =]
ok yay.
my mum had serious mood swings last night
i was blogging half way and she switched the whole com off
she got angry cuz of various reasons luh
mine should be how irritated i sounded i guess
maybe she was having P.M.S
the funniest part was that my eld bro came into my room to gossip bout it
cuz at first she scolded my bro first b4 scolding me
yeah my bro said i'm so stupid to go and kill myself
cuz my mum was checking the laptop for the virus issue and i went to use the com which was just beside her. k maybe i am that dumb, what can you do.
ya he just kept lecturing me about how i should be smarter next time. bla bla
and gossip bout her temper today
and she confiscated my phone too
so i couldnt look at my peektures
listen to music
charge my phone
and reply msgs
so i ended up reading smit's letters
and writing another entry in my HARDCOPY diary
and do sudoku.
my mom said something like don use my electronic devices anymore
go back to the primitive times
so i asked my bro if i should still switch the lights and fans on.
ok, ciao
i hope she cools down today.
i know i sound like an asshole

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