Sunday, December 7, 2008

HAJI LANE 4 part 1. i don noe why i like this pic. i just do.

the pisacasa prob again
that's why i put haji lane 4 part 1. lol
i was too lazy to go delete photos now.
so ya, THE 7-13 THING START ALR!!
remember to visit my blog 2moro too, until the 13!
this was the last peekture i took of him.
i looked through his photos in my phone countless times. i see peektures of him with his adorable eyes wide open. it just reminds me how alive he used to be.
i kept on thinking bout his non-active body last night
he died there. just that, i was much further... i think passerbys wouldnt think that he fell from great heights, they would just think that he got into a fight or something. poor zen.....
i 'blogged' in my hardcopy diary again
i kept thinking bout it last night
i cried again at night
i wished i didnt just run away, i wished i went to him and hugged him the last time and gave him a proper burial. but it's all over.
im glad i was the only one who saw him though
im sure my bro would be devasted to see him non-active permanently.
my mum was the last to see him alive. good for her=]
in my diary i told zen that i believe you're in a better place now with plenty to eat!=]
but dont forget us k cuz i wouldnt
i wished you would drop by someday in my dreams.
i cried after ballet thinking bout him. i cant imagine [ ya i know, dont imagine-_- ] him falling from such great heights
there are so many things i wanna ask.
did anyone see it fall down?
was it instant death?
what made zen wanna jump?
yknow, i will quit being emo
im actually smiling and laughing during ballet just now
i didnt think of zen then
maybe dance is the medicine to my wounds.
im glad at least i have one
i think soccer is the medicine to my eld bro
and house work or photography is to my mum
im happy for all of us=]
i wanna do a video for zen.
im gonna play sims now to keep myself happy.=]

p.s: my mum's soup smells so nice!

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