Friday, December 5, 2008

omg, it took me damn long to upload all these peeks.
i think i still left somee out. hehe
sope anws, HERE ALL THE HAJI LANE PEEKTURES!! [ all edited peektures are by rax. credits to her ]

awkward pose
one of my fav peekture


delicious head. the white thing is not an effect btw
i srsly wonder if anyone lives in those houses
and after haji lane
we made our way to different lanes. LOL


i don noe why is she so far away from me

i didnt know her phone was still taking. WRONG SHOT!!

monkey business
now we try a jump shot. as those ppl who have tried jump shots b4, you know how many times you'll need to get the perfect one right.
oh pls ignore all the spastics faces. it came out naturally.

HAHHA. see that brown thing there. [ i drew it. hehe ] doesnt it look like she's doing her business

ok this is counted. our best actually. we gave up after this... [ i think i had those faces cuz i make noises while i jump... ]
one of my fav peekture too!

my hair is so short....and dry and layered. damn you puberty

ok, we were trying to take a shot where my hair is flying.
but all the shots are damn unglam..

and she took it when i haven even turn around. HAHAHAHAHHAA
ok finally. but angle not that good

what a nice day
but it started to drizzle
those dots are water. not dirt. HAHAHA. see previous post to understand joke=]
so we ran in the rain when it started to get heavier and heavier.
and went somewhere to have a drink
i drank damn fast
next up, we proceed to KAMPONG GLAM!
where glamour begins . J-K
that's in haji lane 3.
hopefullly i don have to do a haji lane 4
maybe i will. for those peektures i missed out.
i had chingay prac just now
tried on the costume
and it's damn bulky
ok maybe not that heavy
but it's like pulling you down
and you can perspire like mad in that costume
but i think the corset is pretty and sexy
i think i lost a few calories just now
but i ordered mac delivery and everything came back
maybe plus more. eek!
i ate mega mcspicy. i like it! cuz it's actually spicy
but of cuz, i took out one patty first
mouth not that big.
my whole family will be going chek jawa 2moro
off shore island. my dad's company thingy
and i cant go cuz i promised to go down to P.A 2moro to pass them the costumes=[[[
why cant the trip be on 7 instead!! ahh
i thought my nov was packed enough
i realize my dec is equally pack
homework arh homework, i wonder if i can finish you...

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