Monday, December 15, 2008

For the FIRST time, i HATE my long nails.

i hate them for being so long.
i always liked them long cuz i think that makes your finger look longer and 'sexier'
but i keept scratching ppl today.

oh dance was GRRREAT today
i love it
but warm up was torture
it's has been long since i had dance, and my muscle are all hardening up
after dance, i had to go for chingay prac
i only had like 45 mins in between for my dinner.

some peeks from lyrical hip hop lesson=] videos soon

our teacher, calvin
we're that pro. muahaha. j.k
our fav shot!=]
grp shot. hehehe. i think we all look adorable. i think i just praised myself.
they were saying this middle aged woman shell her prawns on the bus and throw it on the bus.
wtf is your problem auntie, you think you 'old' [ middle-age ] you can pretend your eyesight have problem and throw the shells out of the plastic bag?!
and this ah pei spit gum into the woman's hair and laugh with his fren when the woman was frantically trying to get it off. that is just...... plain childish and extremely stupid.
in the first place, you're not suppose to chew gum in singapore!
i mean, we all do that, but we dont go around spitting to show ppl you're doing that?!
and spitting is an offence.
i bet he is jealous the woman have luscious hair and he dont, that's why spit into her hair. wadeva man dot dot dot
they should totally inculde how kiasu they are on the train
how rough they are on the train
how they can push ppl here and there when they are suppose to be weaker than us
how they are able to 'zoom!' and snatch seats when they are suppose to have difficulty balancing and walking?
wth. is the chair that impt? you have your own chair at home, you wanna sit down so much then bring your own chair next time!
im meant to sit [ seet ] yet i dont. tsk you arh.
k i need to go cuz my dad only gave me 15 mins to do wadeva i want on the com b4.......
i don noe
he threaten to cut the electrical power.
ok ya wth right
so byebye
p.s: ooh ooh, im not saying all elderly k. im sure our ah ma and ah gong are not those kind. =]]

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