Saturday, December 13, 2008


i have more weird dreams!!
i dreamt i had my prom night and i didnt have any dress at all
and i was freaking my guts out.
oh b4 i go on, my dreams are in parts
and the parts are not linked at all.
ok then i dreamt that i had prom night and ms ng's wedding on the same day
and for the prom thingy
i had to do an act
it became kinda like a competition
and i was suppose to do something entertaining
but it was all so last minute!!! and i suddenly had a few good buddies helping me
i swear i have never seen them b4 and most of them were guys
but they look professional and mature, like 20 +, and like i knew them for 10 years alr. oh i was really close to the one wearing specs.=/?
and they were busy helping me as well. AND OMG, IT WAS CHAOS
the next part, i found another dress in my AMAZING wardrobe
but it was a blue PEACOCK-PRINTED tube dress. [royal blue]
i dreamt that i dream i had a white dress too
ok so weird! why do i keep dreaming of dresses....
then i was rushing out in that peacock dress and took the dress i was going to wear for ms ng's wedding along too.
ok and i forgot to bring the belt , so i went back to take.






yea.. it was damn weird...

ANWS! ms ng's wedding is 2moro!

and i have no bloody idea how to get there

so im meeting nicole at payar lebar first and hopefully yknow..

just hope we wont get lost.

tell you something



bout my brother coming back from korea with my present!!!=]]]]]

my auntie was asking what i want in the airport and she guessed make up and i just smiled WIDELY at her. hope she got the 'small' hint there.=DDDDDDDD

i must go count down to the days my bro would be back=]]

yay, so excited!!!

ok ciao ciao. today is the last day of the advert thingy.

i hope i earn loads of moolah.

oh wait, i talked to my mum bout zen today. i asked her if she would want a cat.

she says she is scared. though she knows we all didnt mean it, but it's like we're muderers. but we both really miss the touch of a cat. and there was this news bout this cat that got it's abdomen slashed! anyone read that?

omg, i was so shocked. the cat was pregnant. and both the mum and the unborn babies are dead. omg, i hate those ppl who abuse pets, including those strays animals.

i've alr thought of a name for the second cat if i would ever have again. i hope i do...

LOWE. or should i call it love? or ah meow? ok, apparently, i haven made up my mind yet.

i know i just ciaoed you guys, but i have something else to say again. LOL

i went jogging yesterday and on the way back, i saw this dog. i stopped to pat it. it looked like it belonged to someone, but definitely not from our block. it's like those dogs that can only be kept as pets in houses, not flats.

yeah, and it started licking me like crazy. so when i walked away, it started following me! i was so freaked out. so i started walking faster.

but i still heard its foot steps behind me, i wanted to run but i was scared that would attract him more. so i just walked. thankfully, i lost it when i reached my void deck...

and my thoughts ran wild. i thought that maybe that dog was nursing zen. maybe zen isnt dead, that dog brought zen somewhere else and nurse his wounds. i don know. i keep thinking of possibilities where zen might still be alive..

im really going off now. lmao, bye

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