Sunday, December 28, 2008

DING DONG DING DONG [sry, i dont know how wedding bells sound like]

daniel and priscilla's wedding day

daniel's my cousin.
he is the 4th cousin to get married. wheeee
ok, we had the r.o.m cum wedding lunch at centre point's teochew something something restaurant.
economic not doing too good, so need to have 2 in 1 things. LOL
my mum was the photographer of the day!
and im the amateur photographer. judge if i can pass or not...

the following photos are by yours truly..=]]
one of my fav shots
mummy in action. she refuses to let me take a photo of her, so this is a rare shot. haha
i think this is really nice, bcuz the bride's eyelashes is visiblechio=] lol.
dillon or dylan. i have no idea. babies are babies, always sucking on their fingers
how cute!!!!
ok, so how are my photos?
anyhow, the following ones are by my mummy.
shu zhen and shu hui. cousins, and she's married. lol
how sweet=]
of cuz i didnt take this, it's quite impossible.. but yeah, i look pro!=D
my french tip stands out!!!
acting being all pro.. i think my hair looks brown
after the lunch
went to heeren to get my brother's soccer boots. -_-
and went to taka again to do real shopping
bought 4 new bras
damn ex!!! 186 plus for 3 bras, cuz buy 3 get one free.
well... i feel guilty
i need to get the charm bracelet asap
i also thought of getting her a new wallet cuz her's is really old and spoiled
but nvm, her frens got her new wallets alr, seems like they noticed it too. lol
not only one, 2 of her frens.
and i saw so many c.g at town today. fruitful day i must say
had dinner at casuarina afterwards
i need to remove my pretty manicure=[
cuz there is dance 2moro. gahhh
not gahh to dance but gahh to the expensive manicure
and i need to try finish as much hw as possible.....
mmm. hard but oh wells, i did one summary last night. lol
my contacts are drying up on me and wtffff, it's 10 plus alr!!!
i didnt know
freak freak freak, how can it be so late
ok ok, i better get started with my hw.
2008 is coming to an end soon
this is the LAST sun of 2008, ENJOY! [though it's bit late now..]

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