Monday, December 22, 2008

BAM, I got blasted with 87 new emails. [ 3/4 of them are just plain crap ]

i don noe why was i massaging my face. but, that was not what i was intending to do.
CHANGI AIRPORT. sry if that offended you. [ it means, it's so obvious that it is changi airport so i'll be like insulting your intelligence by telling you that is changi airport. ]
did friendship band while waiting half an hour for my brother to arrive.
oh oh! thanks kar yee! for the strings=]]]
i forsee comments like ' so scary!' HAHHA.
WELL, his hair grew longer
it has been a chaos week for me
dance and dance and dance
but overall, i feel worked out. HAHA
ok wellss
on sat, went for dance.
ended at 12.30pm thankfully!!
cuz by sat, i almost couldnt take it.
it was 4!@^% tiring.
i was super sleepy.
and after dance, went to the chalet. slept
[ i felt like i have not blogged for quite long and i did not share alot of things. ok not that some ppl care bout my life-_- tsk tsk. just that i forgot all the interesting things that happened ]
ok then i woke up
and bathed in the bloody cold water at the chalet
i told myself to blog bout how i hate chalet showers cuz the water are freezing cold and even when the knob is at the hot side, the water is still cold.
yeah i wanted to say how much i hate it when this afternoon when i wanted to bathe and started complaining to my family, they told me i could just on the heater switch
damn my intelligence

yeah so after the stupid cold bath on sat
went to P.A
that's when i learnt that beng zai aka buddha is a ghey blind buddha.
ahahhaa. ok the gheyness is hard to explain but the blindness...
he always squint his eyes. i asked him why, he said his degree is like 400.
and he doesnt wear his spectacles. that's why he squint his eyes
i understand...-_-
cuz i forgot to bring contact lense for today's practice so im like a half blind person
i felt really blind
i always embarrass myself without my specs
like when i see 'someone' waving at me, i will think she is waving at me though i dont know who she is and i'll wave back. later on, i realize that i really dont know her.
i need someone to be my eyes. LOL
yup, it surprisingly ended early last night
went back to the chalet and woohoo!!!!!
melted choc for fruits and marsh mallow

it was delicious!!! cuz we used hershey's choco=]]yeah. i ate so much bbq stuff.
it was DAMN good
then ard 11.40, we made our way to E hub for YES MAN!!!
i rate it 7/10
it is not extremely hilarious but it still is
jim carey looks so old i swear
if you are bored or wadsoever maybe you can catch it?
but i feel like watching angus, thongs and perfect snogging.
and i heard from various ppl that twilight isnt all that great
maybe prolly cuz those ppl read the book
yknow, books are always better than movies
but non bookworm ppl like me that don really find books interesting would prefer the movie i guess
on the left, it says 'hong cha', which should mean red tea in eng. but on the right, it says black tea instead!!! tsk tsk

today went to the jumbo big fat sale at downtown in the big tent
got a few tops from fox and necklace
and my mum got many effing underwears for my brothers-_-
and i saw a guy's g-string today!!
i was wondering how that thin piece of cloth would cover anything when i realize it's for the butt. and the thicker part if for the front...
oh i think it's very hard for me to find shorts that i do like
that's why i have very little
and swim suits too...
oh wells.. went home with the P.A grp again just now
i should get a pic of the buddha and im sure you'll agree he looks like one! ahha
my toe nails are damn lousy
keep breaking
my other toe nail broke into half again.
now it looks stupidly SHORT.
i can feel my flesh. gross.
im tired and will prolly wake up ard 12 pm 2moro. maybe later. lol.
OH!! my phone lasted for 2 days! im surprised
i 4got to bring my phone charger to the chalet... yeah and my battery was running out. so i switched it off almost the whole day.
p.s: sry smit, you go with mo and tania. i think i'll be too tired to go out 2moro..
p.p.s: i know it's weird but i cant help it. it'll prolly be gone soon. but somehow i dont want it to.

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