Saturday, November 1, 2008


i slept really late last night, thanks to someone. HAHA.
my eye bags shows it all. =/

and not sleeping enough causes pimple.
nasty pimple!!
but im trying the nexcare acne patch the 98.7 have been promoting. support 98.7fm!
you can see my pimple..... weirdly, i didnt feel hungry the whole day
but when i eat, i'll just eat.
went to sunplaza to get my contacts
my bro got coloured contacts. TSKKKKK!!!!!! i want one tooooo
then got home and went back to sunplaza again to meet pooch
that caused so much stress for me i swear. i was feeling such a mess
im like going no where
i don noe if im doing something right or wrong
it got me so irritated i swear. makes my day bad
went to pay respects to my ah gong later on
saw Mr. M too! HAHA. i was quite surprised
oh and look. new kind of bike. 2 wheels in front and one at the back
im feeling so tensed up now.
anyways, went down to my other grandma house for dinner

P.S: i have not bathed yet. it's 11:20. i stink

ooh!!!!! im gonna do my IC soon=] finally. i must get my pimples cured first.

The Bottom Line
Take a bigger risk and reveal a little bit more about yourself to someone. Open up.
In Detail
For too long, you have been hiding what you have to offer from others -- being shy and coy can be cute for a while, but you are building up walls between yourself and the people who want to know you better. So today, you need to take a bigger risk and reveal a little bit more about yourself to someone. Pick one person to tell a semi-secret to. They'll love the fact that you trust them, and you'll be rewarded with a stronger connection. Try it, you'll like it!

i dont have any secrets in my mind now and it's not that simple.
oooh!! it's inuyasha now, im gonna watch, ciao!

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