Sunday, November 23, 2008

THE SUN APPEARS AGAIN, and met prince.-_- together, it became the sun prince! [ what crap. hehe, i couldnt think of others. ]

so he did reply my email=]]]]]

here goes!






Oh you're such a pain. I wonder how ur friends tolerate ur nonsense

Why is e eng weird? Do yu haf a reading problem or sth ..

Lolxxz. If yu will lyk to consider urself a fish, thats ok

IT'S SEVERELY RETARDED !!! not yu spell "severly retArdEd", retarded. Now whos eng is weird now huh .. =p

4th - Communication goes beyond words, retard. & yu don't haf to spend more than a few mins to tell tons abt some ppl. Saves time that way

5th - Well, i like it. And what yu think is juz that, watever yu think

N my eng is gd as it is. Well. better than urs. I dont make silly spelling mistakes, Which is, of course, good enuff -.-p

Well, yu do haf a whiny voice .. lala LA lala~ *mimicks >.<

hmm. whether i get ur number or not isn't dependent on the confidence issue wif myself.
nd aneW, it's juz ur number. If a guy is only confident juz cuz he can get mere digits, then he's missing the point.

8th - well, yu do seem a little too retarded to b S'porean ..

on 9th - oh really, that's really very encouraging to hear =p whether i reply to emails or not is not for yu to decide. I talk to whoever i feel lyk it, to whoever i want to

13th - what-ever made you think so ?? im being totally serious here

Oh. Sorry ar .. ya yu shd be .. so how re yu gg to make it up to me ..

you: "..Either yu haf tHis, or yu dOnt get anythiNg" (still in a whiNy voice, with a pose & some melodrama)
Me: "IS this an email yu even check ? Cuz if it's not, then i dont want it" *points to email add you: "Yeah"
Me: good. Lolxxz. yu're so amusing.

Oh the moon, yu mean ur face right, ur HIGHNESS *pokes
you aren't a princess, yu're a queen, a drama queen =p
And of course, it's nothing personal.

Sky aka
The Sun Prince
my reply:

LMAO. my friends dont tolerate my nonsense, cause i dont do all this to them. so you are not my friend. i have no need to be nice to you.

and if you think your eng is better than mine just because YOU THINK you can spell better.
damn you're wrong.
how is 'yu' a correct spelling?
and srsly, i need to read your email more then 2 times to understand it thoroughly.
well, at least i do understand it. so good for you!=]
i have eyes, duh i can read??? you're being dumb for asking the obvious.
if i cant, i wouldnt reply to your email-_-

did i say i consider myself being a fish?
my my, pls read the email properly.
i said,' why do you keep calling me a fish?'
so, are all your friends fishes? and i suppose you're the fisherman?

i think when i said your english is weird, you went to search for any mistakes in my email.
HAHAHAHA. i think that's funny.

and, i dont tell STRANGERS TONS BOUT MYSELF. that's creepy.
and i dont know one bit bout you except wadeva you wrote in your first email and that you're annoying.

i did not say lalala when i was talking to you. and i doubt you can have such a wonderful voice as mine.
what's anew?

by saying im a little too retarded to be a singaporean, you're insulting yourself.
and ya you're right, you have your life, i have no means of telling you what to do.
matter of fact, i did not! tsk tsk, i was just telling you if you're uncomfortable of replying, you have no need to.
how is that telling you what to do? -_-

WhY DO yOU HavE To TYpe LiKe ThiS!!
and what's your purpose of re-enacting the scene?
what does this mean?

'you: "..Either yu haf tHis, or yu dOnt get anythiNg" (still in a whiNy voice, with a pose & some melodrama)

Me: "IS this an email yu even check ? Cuz if it's not, then i dont want it" *points to email add
you: "Yeah"
Me: good.'

so i guess you prefer i was a mean person and lie? sorry but im a honest person.
honesty is beautiful

oh and since you're sun prince, i'll be the moon princess to keep you pleased.
being nice there.

land aka
moon princess.

wtf, he thinks too highly of himself
more peektures!

sec 3s!!!
was SUPPOSED to be sexy. but uh.... cmi

geraldine!!! omg, so ghey! hahahha. and oh gosh, im imitating her. too much influence!
SEC 3S!!!!=]]]

gel's fault.
next post=]
class gathering 2moro. at ecp.
how the hell am i suppose to go there. ughhh
need help
BYEBYE. sleep well, i shall be the moon and shine upon you guys at night!

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