Friday, November 28, 2008

some photos from class outing!

we're busy cooking. this is how i ended up looking like an old hag.

i love this picture, though im not in it. haha, i love the waves. credits to kanice i think.
smit trying the double seater bike. i think jas is damn pro at it

our raw looking satay. i kept mixing satay and otah up on that day

that orange part was actually my bra
zoey, mo, moi
the food
i swear. she really creates fire with her breath

im not dancing
there's still plenty of pictures but kaimin's peektures all damn huge
it takes so long to upload them so i'll take it step by step=]
oh if anyone wants me to take down any pic, do let me know too

had chingay prac just now.
and me and my eye-candy wore the same colour tee.
pale green. lol
maybe im able to go down t P.A this sun, finally
BUT MAYBE ONLY. hope my mum wouldnt say i have so many things to do
and the drama goes on...

And obviously, you dont get it. Maybe in a couple of years u will. Then again, knowing e way wat is known as ur brain works, probably not. And Im being nice too.
The Sun Prince

i don care whether you're nice or not
how did me saying 'lol.ok' imply that i obviously dont understand
why? you expected me to crap on for you and then you'll consider that i am understanding whatever you've said?

i admit i do like drama and surprises. but too much of it is boring.
i don feel like playing with him anymore
IF he does reply the next time, i'll prolly tell him i quit or something
maybe send him a blank email or just ignore him=]
ok it has been long time since i simed so im gonna do it tonight
and it also has been long time since i ran, maybe 2moro
night for now!

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