Monday, November 17, 2008

People with pets look at others without pets differently

know what, i exceeded my total photo quota
which i think meant that i cant upload anymore photos?
i don noe
ahhhh, they say you need to pay for a larger storage
so sickening

oh wells, i shall just continue blogging=]
yesterday was smit's PET SHOW!
i went there after ballet
she passed me my tee=] i love it.
and there were so many dogs there. huge ones, fluffy ones, hairy ones.
and of cuz kittens and all
bloody dont suit them cuz they are really really really adorable!
i spent most of my time there playing with them
and i got scratch as a result
i was playing with this 3 months old kitten
and suddenly i felt the nail go into my finger and my finger was stuck at the side and i was afraid it'll go deeper so i pulled my finger out.
take note! i pulled it out when the nail is still in my flesh. so the cut was equally deep throughout

oh and my title
cuz im a dogless person so i have no idea how do you exactly go about loving a dog.
i mean like rubbing and touching it
so whenever i see a cute dog, i act like i have a dog and try and touch it like i know how to but duh, i dont.
and then,

he asks: do you have a dog?
me: er no... but i have a cat!

and he gives me that weird stare and i walked away
i dont know
they just give me that feeling that they look down on ppl without their pets
are ppl with pets suppose to be more friendly?
it's like if you had a pet they would be more confident in letting you touch their dog
i felt a lil retarded there
but oh wells, the pets are the MAIN THING there, not the owners
but i must say, some of them were really friendly
both cat and dog lovers=]
shelty [ smit's dog ] should so join the most talented contest
but her mum didnt allow cuz they organised this thing and later ppl say they cheat or wadeva but we all know, smit's dog is the best.
so obedient


at the end of the whole thing, we got to play with the lil kittens
god bless me, the kittens are soooo small and adorable and i just fell in love with them
they were just like zen when he first came in.
and i realize after this pet show, i love zen more. though he is thrice the kitten size, he still have his cute side, just like me.

well well, when i got home after dinner and all, i kept sneezing like shit
remember i had this 10 sneezes and their meaning post
i overshot that
i should have been dead, almost... it was so terrible
i had to drink this bitter tea with ginger
almost puked
slept at 10. my my, it has been long since i slept that early
i prayed so hard i would be fine for my ballet exam today
this morn was awesome, i felt great.
but when i reached the cc, i was so paranoid. i kept quiet and think and think and think...
but after the whole thing, i felt SOO relieved, i swear
but the ballet exam was woooooo.. i need to train my stamina
it's like running 2.4. i sweat like crazy, my first time sweating that much. i kept wiping and wiping. it was just crazy.
i hope i'll do fine though.... eek.
oh wells. i didnt know there's such thing as reaching the total photos quota thing.
i'll try deleting pictures from other posts and see if it'll work!=]

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